Please review 'Terms & Policies ' before proceeding. Computer program only, not a Warehouse. All orders need a VIN , and Phone number. Orders without a VIN can result in wrong parts and delays . We are, Mercedes-Benz of Annapolis MD.

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has been a online source for Genuine Original (OEM) Mercedes-Benz Parts , Mercedes-Benz Accessories, and now Smart Car Parts, Smart Car Accessories.  Internet Part Professionals ,  Edward 'Eddie'  Alexander and Steve Smith have made it their mission to be your exclusive Online Parts Department, by providing exceptional pricing backed by unparalleled customer service and support throughout the entire buying process through a convenient, streamlined on line experience.  We are located in Annapolis Maryland not far from the U.S. Naval Academy and the State Capitol.

Note,  if your name and VIN is not on file with Mercedes-Benz USA, we will ask for proof of ownership, which is a copy of your registration.  this is due to internet Fraud.  we hope your understand.

You can have  your information added to the Mercedes-Benz system, by going to , or call customer service at 800-367-6372

When  your order parts without a VIN, there may be delays in the process, due to restrictions on ordering part from Mercedes-Benz. A VIN is required  to verify or expedite the order, when the parts come from the Germany Warehouse or their Supplier.   We are not responsible for wrong parts, or parts ordered without a VIN,  and they are none returnable. We are not responsible if you order the wrong side either.  SORRY. 

Please understand that this is only a program and it doesn't stock any parts.  This program is a provided by a 3rd party , which in not Mercedes-Benz, although most of the information is correct, there are some errors.  Mercedes-Benz electronic parts catalog and it ordering systems  is what we use to order parts. WE can not verify you are order the correct part, only that the part is a model code match or a VIN match. 

Thanks you in advance for your business.

NOTE:  All orders must be submitted on line first, to receive the discounts.  if you need to order additional parts,  please submit a second order.  The system will not allow me to add parts to most orders. due to credit card restrictions.  

We do not ship large body parts, fenders, bumper covers,  glass or hazmat,  too expensive,  However you can make a trip here to pick up the order.  You just need to let me know in advance,  on items we do not ship or that are hazmat items.  

We do not have any  INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING OPTIONS,   at this time.  


WE are a Dealership and we are subject to Mercedes-Benz ordering system.  So please be sure your really want the part or parts, no matter how long it may take, if on back order from Germany. 


We can no longer process any orders that have a FRAUD / RISK ALERT,   ALL  information must match credit card billing and zip code with the billing and shipping address, VIN and phone number.  If you do not reply to emails,  the order will not be submitted.  There is a new scam  everyday.   

 The IP address,  Credit Card billing address,  Credit Card Name, Credit Card security code,  Shipping address , First Time buyers alert,  Overnight or priority shipping alert, High dollar purchase alerts,  No VIN alert, No phone number alert,  and a several other items are verified for Alerts / Fraud scores. 

  Basically the  IP address must match the billing and shipping address and no Fraud/Alert warnings to be a valid order. 

 If for any reason there are Fraud / Alert warnings,  due to the system verification process,   we have to ask for and  have proof of ownership first .  We can not ship the order until we have proof of ownership.  If for any reason you can not or choose not to provide the proper documents, then the order is subject to be cancelled . 

Please understand,  we must follow policies when there are ALERT CODES OR FRAUD  SCORES,  if for any reason you can not comply with our policies and send proof of ownership, then we can not order or ship your parts. 

thanks for your order and understanding in advance.