Please review 'Terms & Policies ' before proceeding. Computer program only, not a Warehouse. All orders need a VIN , and Phone number. Orders without a VIN can result in wrong parts and delays . We are, Mercedes-Benz of Annapolis MD.

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Thank you for choosing GETMERCEDESPARTS.COM  for your OEM Mercedes-Benz or Smart Car parts / accessories, backed by world class customer services through a streamlined online experience!

We are a Mercedes-Benz Dealership in Annapolis Maryland.  Always include your VIN and phone number on orders or emails.  Note:  if there are any Alerts or Fraud alerts during the verification process ,  we will ask for proof of  ownership., which is stated in our policies. 

This site is for ordering Mercedes-Benz parts and Accessories,  and Smart Car parts and Accessories, VIA E-COMMERCE SALES.   No other business.  Please review our policies and terms of use first.  failure to comply can result in delays and possible cancellation of orders .

We  can assist you with your parts order.   For repairs  you need to go to a dealership and have a certified Tech diag the issue. 

  We verify your name and Vin  with Mercedes-Benz,  but if you have a high risk / fraud  alert score during verification,  we will request proof of ownership before order ships.  its our policy. 

We have adopted Mercedes-Benz (TRP) Theft Relevant Policies to apply to the on line store, which requires proof of ownership when there are Fraud / Alert scores.  

A few things will help us complete our order accurately:

1     The shipping address and the bill to address  must match , if not, this will cause a HIGH RISK / FRAUD ALERT.

2     We do not ship batteries, oil, fluids,   due to HAZMAT  requirements, and cost. 

3     Hazardous Materials can not be shipped,   however we do allow in store pickups for these items. 

4     We can not sell keys, transmission control units , engine control units or transmission valve bodies, they have to be ordered at your local dealership only.    Mercedes-Benz  require customer to be here in person, with proof of ownership, proof of id and the  vehicle.  TRP, theft relevant parts. 

5     The online part catalog is to be used as a reference guide and does not always reflect the accuracy of the Mercedes-Benz Electronic Parts Catalog. 

  note; some parts maybe listed, but are discontinued by Mercedes-Benz.    Although the majority of the data in the catalog is correct, there can be discrepancies in part numbers, part descriptions and pricing due to monthly manufacture updates.  We reserve the right to make changes to parts number and pricing depending on manufacture data.  We will update the status of your order with a comment explaining any changes.  You'll have to log into your account and approve or not approve the change in order for us to proceed with your order.

6     Always include your VIN number when ordering parts or accessories.  This is important when there are options codes for parts. 

7     An important item to note when ordering parts is Drivers side is LEFT, and Passenger's side is RIGHT.

8     Be sure to include any special instructions in the customer comments section.

9     By ordering through our site you agree to our terms, policies, and conditions listed throughout our website.

10   Our system is set up for your to create an account so you can log in at anytime and check the status of your order.  It is your responsibility to check the status of your order.  We will update this status as soon as new information is available, and we will send you important messages regarding your order through this portal.

11   First time customer may be asked to provide proof of ownership, if and or when no phone number, or vin number is provided,  and it is a high dollar order,   or you have a high risk / FRAUD ALERT.  

12   This site and its discounts are for Internet sales orders placed on line and shipped out of our distribution center only.  Prices on this site DO NOT apply in store order, retail sales, Service or Repair Order or Whole Sale orders.  only orders placed on line.  In store pickups have to be approved first.    

13  We and the URL only offer the discounts seen on line, no other coupons or discounts apply to this site.

14  We communicate via email. 

15  Your payment is a pre authorization hold only,  no monies are transferred until  your order is shipped.  This means a hold has been placed on your account, or credit  card or pay pal account.  The day your order is shipped is the day the funds are transferred from your account. 

16  FedEx shipment require a phone number when shipping.

17. All orders are considered final, due to the fact that Mercedes-Benz will ship parts no matter what.  Please be sure before placing your orders.   NOTE:  parts that are ordered can not be cancelled, once the order is placed,   especially any order coming from Germany.   


thanks for your order in advance and your understanding. 

stay safe as well.